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Our Mission

The Business Law & Investing Society (BLIS) strives to ensure all UCLA students have the opportunity to thrive and excel in a pre-law and finance organization. Since our core values are inclusivity and accessibility, we are confident that our organization is the perfect place for students to develop their interest in law and finance. 


A Message from Our Founder

Hello! The reason why I started BLIS was to form learning in the intersection between law and finance as well as create an approachable UCLA professional organization. 


BLIS is different from other pre-law and finance organizations at UCLA as we do not charge membership fees nor reject any student who is willing to learn about law and finance. I firmly believe a student’s university experience should not be limited by financial burdens or conflicting time commitments. University organizations are supposed to open doors and allow students to freely develop their interests. Since BLIS highly values inclusivity, all UCLA students are guaranteed membership and access to BLIS resources, which include guest speaker events with individuals from top law and financial firms as well as investment and business law workshops. 


I hope my club gives students who feel discouraged from entering these competitive fields the chance to pursue their passion in law and finance. I am excited to welcome everyone interested on board as I know together we can make a meaningful impact on UCLA and beyond.


Sam Poursafar

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Our Leadership

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Nico Rumteen
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Eiman Siadati
Director of Legal Affairs
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Sydney Lester
Director of Legal Affairs
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Kanzah Areej Jamil
Director of Technology
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Francesca Fox
Director of Social Media
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Kevin Tseng
Director of Investments
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Haig Simitian
Director of Recruitment
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WhatsApp Image 2023-01-04 at 7.11.44 PM.jpeg
Jungwoo Park
Director of Recruitment
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Kelly Nguyen
Director of Publicity
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