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Benefits at BLIS

Being a member of BLIS grants you access to more resources and opportunities that will set you apart as a candidate for future job and internship opportunities, as well as have you equipped to taking on the next steps of your professional career.

Partnership with the Princeton Review

Our partnership with the Princeton Review gives you these discounts:

  1. 15% off prep programs for members

  2. 30% off prep programs for 14 board members

  3. 10% off one-on-one tutoring for all members

  4. 10% off all medical school admissions services

Members also receive these opportunities:

  1. Strategy Sessions: tips on how to succeed on specific tests of interest

  2. Guest Speakers: guest speakers who answer questions on test taking, admissions, and the graduate and professional school application process

  3. Free Practice Tests: a free full-length practice test for each test type, available online

  4. Webinar Series: members receive invitations to The Princeton Review's premier webinar series

  5. Joint Promotions: upon request, designs, ads, and flyers for campus programmings may be made

More specifically, these resources are offered:

  1. GRE Strategy Session

  2. LSAT Strategy Session

  3. GMAT Strategy Session

  4. GRE Free Full Length Practice Test

  5. LSAT Free Full Length Practice Test

  6. GMAT Free Full Length Practice Test

  7. GMAT vs. GRE

  8. Law School 101

  9. Personal Statement and Asking for Letters of Rec

To access TPR resources, email with your full name to receive BLIS benefits.


BLIS is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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