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2021 BLIS Stock Pitch Competition

Let's talk about our 2021 BLIS Stock Pitch Competition. This competition is open to any UCLA student at any level of experience or knowledge. For those who are interested in working in finance, this was a great learning opportunity as you can work alone or team up with up to 2 teammates to prepare and deliver a stock pitch to our BLIS team.

We evaluated all of our participants on four major categories: Level of Convincing, Depth of Analysis, Quality of the Presentation/Report and Confidence / Delivery. Based on this judging criteria, we discussed the final results internally to declare our honorable mentions and winners of this competition. We sincerely appreciate all of our participants and members who attended.

and announce our results.

Our honorable mentions go to the teams of:

Kerwin Xu (Major: Business Economics and Public Affairs) and Brayan Castillo (Major: Political Science & Minor: History) for their fundamental analysis on The Walt Disney Company

  • How was the stock pitch competition?

    • "As this was my first stock pitch competition ever participated in, I have learned a great deal from my teammate and other presenters, from fundamental analysis to investment risks. I gained a lot of advice and references from BLIS and others." - Kerwin

    • "It was a great learning process and helped me be able to under stand more aspects that come with stock analysis. It was a fun experience and it gave me an opportunity to work with another member of the team. Overall, I would love to compete again." - Brayan

Kevin Tseng (Major: Business Economics) for their technical analysis on Vuzix

Morand Lau Kwan Yin (Major: Economics) for their industry analysis on Teladoc Health

  • How was the stock pitch competition?

    • "It was great! But I wish each team can gives equals time for the presentation. I felt unfair that I have to cut a lot of content just because I need to fit into a 7 mins presentation. The comments I received from the judges is that I did not talk enough in specific areas (I cut). I could have go over those areas if given 4-5 more mins." - Morand

Our 3rd Place Winner goes to the team of:

Andrew Fei (Major: Business Economics) and Wendy Tang (Major: Economics) for their pitch on AMD

  • How was the stock pitch competition?

    • "It was fun, had a great time watching other people present and show their own thought processes!" - Andrew

Our 2nd Place Winner goes to the team of:

Patrick Luo (Major: Business Economics & Minor: Accounting) and Justin Lai for their pitch on SolarEdge

and finally...

Our 1st Place Winner is:

Karan Narang (Major: Economics) , Austin Pham (Major: Nordic Studies & Neurobiology), and Henry Nguyen (Major: Computer Science) for their amazing pitch on Qualcomm (Left to Right)

  • How was the stock pitch competition?

    • "I had a great time hearing everyone else pitch, thank you for setting this up and running it smoothly for the entire duration!" - Karan

    • "Coming into the competition, I didn't have a lot of experience with fundamental analysis so it was fun learning from my teammates who had expertise in the field." - Austin

A big congratulations and thank you to all of our presenters! We hope that you enjoyed our competition and we look forward to seeing you at the next.

Summary Presentation:

Download PPTX • 897KB

Meeting Video Recording: 2021 BLIS Stock Pitch Competition

Event Pictures:


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