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BLIS Investment Series Event: Technical Analysis

Let's talk about our Spring 2021 Investment Series event, hosted by Christopher Koh (Director of Investments), Malek Sadi (Deputy Director of Investments), and Jiteshwar Attri (Deputy Director of Investments).

Summary of our Event:

For our first investment series event focused on technical analysis, we were able to hear from our director of investments, @ChristopherKoh and our deputy directors of investments, @MalekSadi and @JiteshwarAttri. Our leadership spoke about the basics of technical analysis, and unpacked some basic and advanced indicators with our members.

We were also given the amazing opportunity to hear from Samir Choksy, a Statistical Arbitrage Portfolio Manager at Millennium Management, one of the top hedge funds in the world. This was a great opportunity for our members to hear about how to break into the hedge fund industry and have all their questions answered about the field and the day-to-day activities of a portfolio manager.

What Our Members Did:

Our members had the amazing opportunity to ask our director and deputy directors questions about technical analysis and what the key indicators are. Our members also were able to ask our guest speaker about his day-to-day activities as a statistical arbitrage portfolio manager and what the hedge fund industry is really like. Throughout the conversation, our members and panelist held an open dialogue and students were able to gain the advice from our key speaker.

Connect with our presenter: Samir Choksy

Meeting Video Recording: Link

BLIS Investments Series #2_ Technical An
Download • 7.77MB

Presenters: @ChristopherKoh, @MalekSadi, and @JiteshwarAttri

Event Pictures:


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