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Get to Know Our Team: Abbie Hovey

Meet our Deputy Director of Legal Affairs, Abbie Hovey!

Let us get to know you! Introduce yourself.

"Hi, I'm Abbie Hovey! I am a 3rd year, majoring in psychology and political science with a concentration in international relations. I will be graduating in spring 2022 and am currently located in Westwood during the pandemic. I am planning on attending law school after graduation and am interested in family law."

Why did you join BLIS? What do you hope to help our members with as the deputy director of legal affairs?

"I joined BLIS because I love learning about and talking to other about law and wanted to learn more about business law as I spend most of my time dealing with family law and personal injury cases."

What has been your favorite internship/extracurricular/personal experience? Describe.

"My favorite experience was working at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience at UCLA. I worked on a study that shows the detrimental effects of under-diagnosing girls with autism, so I really felt passionate about working in this lab because I felt that it would make a real positive impact on people's lives."

What has been your favorite UCLA experience?

"My favorite experience is being a part of a club on campus called AWFA! I foster dogs for a week or so until they get adopted and they're always so cute!!"

Connect with Abbie on LinkedIn!


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