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Get to Know Our Team: Christopher Koh

Meet our Director of Investments, Christopher Koh!

Let us get to know you! Introduce yourself.

"My name is Christopher Koh, and I am a third year Economics and Political Science double major. I live in Los Angeles, and I plan on pursuing graduate studies after I get my Bachelor's in order to get into either buy side and corporate finance."

Why did you join BLIS? What do you hope to help our members with as the deputy director of legal affairs?

"I joined BLIS because it’s the premier legal and finance club on campus that holds individual student development as a priority. Members are encouraged to grow in ways such as opening their own investment accounts and exploring legal cases on their own, while being given the tools to do so. That and the inclusivity of BLIS makes it one of the few clubs with the most potential at UCLA."

What has been your favorite internship/extracurricular/personal experience? Describe.

"My favorite personal experience has been managing my own stock portfolio. It provided way more experience and knowledge than any class, seminar, workshop, or internship I've been a part of. Managing my own stocks helped me understand behavioral economics, pushed me to learn fundamental and technical analysis, and has yielded profit in so many other ways."

What has been your favorite UCLA experience?

"My favorite UCLA experience was honestly dorming, in all of its aspects. It was great going down to the Study or Sawtelle at like 3am, it was nice coming back to a dorm after classes. Just everything about dorming was nice, and was my favorite general UCLA experience; I've had excellent classes and awesome professors and great friends, but dorming in general was really fun."

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