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Get to Know Our Team: Jiarui Ye

Meet our Director of Technology, Jiarui Ye!

Let us get to know you! Introduce yourself.

"Hi! My name is Jiarui Ye. I am a third year majoring in business economics and I am currently located in Los Angeles, CA. Following graduation in Spring 2022, I am looking to be in the tech or banking sector."

Why did you join BLIS? What do you hope to help our members with as the director of technology?

"I joined BLIS because the inclusivity that BLIS promotes. We do not discriminate nor do we turn away anyone who may not have the necessary academic or professional experience to get into a business club at UCLA."

What has been your favorite internship/extracurricular/personal experience? Describe.

"My favorite internship/co-op has been being in information technology project management at Kaiser Permanente. I love the team and I credit the majority of my personal and professional growth to those project managers that I work with on a day-to-day basis."

What has been your favorite UCLA experience?

"To be determined..."

Connect with Jiarui on LinkedIn!


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