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Get to Know Our Team: Kristy Guan

Get to know our Director of Recruitment, Kristy Guan!

Let us get to know you! Introduce yourself.

"My name is Kristy, and I am currently a freshman majoring in Business Economics. I also plan to graduate in 2024 and plan to work in finance industries due to my passion with business. I am in a city close to HK called Guangzhou in China."

Why did you join BLIS? What do you hope to help our members with as the director of recruitment?

"I join BLIS for its inclusivity and uniqueness. I am eager to learn about business laws and investing, so I believe it's a good place to start. I personally think members should join BLIS for networking, learning, and internship opportunities. BLIS is like a big family, and we work to help each others improve. Therefore, I would also like to create a family-like environment for BLIS members and welcome any creativity."

What has been your favorite internship/extracurricular/personal experience? Describe.

"My favorite extracurricular experience is when I was performing at the Sydney Opera House. I felt great when I was playing my flute and piccolo."

What has been your favorite UCLA experience?

"First of all, discovering the fact that I got in UCLA. Second, I am glad that this leadership opportunity was presented to me at BLIS because I was eager to seek a place/club to serve others and learn more about business."

Connect with Kristy on LinkedIn!


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