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Get to Know Our Team: Malek Sadi

Meet our Deputy Director of Investments, Malek Darrin Sadi!

Let us get to know you! Introduce yourself.

"My name is Malek Sadi, I am a second year Economics and French double major, and I am currently located in LA during the pandemic. After graduation, I hope to get a job at an investment bank in their global markets division. I am particularly interested in Foreign Exchange Markets (forex) and like to keep myself updated regularly."

Why did you join BLIS? What do you hope to help our members with as the deputy director of investments?

"I joined BLIS because I was keen on joining an organization where I could share my knowledge in my preferred field, and learn from my peers about their preferred field."

What has been your favorite internship/extracurricular/personal experience? Describe.

"My favorite internship was my summer internship at a New York based Venture Capital firm called Blue Cloud Ventures. It was so exciting to be surrounded by such great minds of the world of finance, and the opportunity to observe and learn from them on a day-to-day basis was truly an unforgettable experience."

What has been your favorite UCLA experience?

"My favorite UCLA experience has been meeting all my friends. Before coming to UCLA, I was quite anxious about moving to somewhere so far from home but luckily, I managed to make some friends from all around the world that have made my time at UCLA an amazing experience."

Connect with Malek on LinkedIn!


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