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Joshua Pierce @ BLIS Spring Information Session

Let's talk about our BLIS Spring Information Session hosted by Sam Poursafar (President).

Summary of our Event:

For our spring quarter information session, we had the privilege to share about our club, our values and our newest events to invite more members to join our club.

We were also given the amazing opportunity to hear from Joshua Pierce, Founder and CEO of The Diversity Org. "Joshua has lead the company to partner with 10 educational institutions, NYC Office of The Mayor, YouTube and other businesses." Our members had the opportunity to hear about TheDiversityOrg and learn about exclusive internships with brand names while being able to sign up for this program where students are linked to partner organizations such as WarnerMedia (HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network), J.P. Morgan Chase, Colgate-Palmolive, Verizon, Blackstone, Ernst & Young and more.

Learn more about TheDiversityOrg here.

What Our Members Did:

UCLA students who are interested in joining our club had the amazing opportunity to ask questions about different events that will occur during this spring quarter. They were also given the amazing opportunity to connect with Joshua Pierce who shared about a great internship opportunity with Versace. Through this, our members were able to join this organization and get more access to different resources.

Connect with our presenter: Joshua Pierce and on Instagram!

Meeting Video Recording: Link

Presenter: @SamPoursafar

Event Picture:


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