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Member Spotlight: Yanzhe (Kerwin) Xu

Meet our member, Yanzhe (Kerwin) Xu.

Let our community get to know you! Tell us about yourself.

My name is Justin Chen. I am a public affairs and business economics major, graduating in 2024. I plan to attend law School or do social media marketing, or brand management.

Why did you join BLIS and what do you hope to gain?

"I joined BLIS as I strive to explore the intersection among business, policy, and law. I hope to gain professional insights about the investing and law enforcement industries and embrace how they interact."

What has been your favorite internship/extracurricular/personal experience?

"I was an editorial intern who released 7 articles on abroad-study news commentaries, argumentative articles, and scrolling comic contents with over 140,000 views for Panopath, a media-based sub-brand with over 160,000 WeChat subscriptions/10 million page views. I get to know more about digital copywriting, as well as topics I have never been exposed to, such as the U.S. stock exchange, education policy under Trump administration, etc."

Why do you think other students should join this community?

"I believe others should join if they are passionate to both investing and the legal industry, especially the ones who are willing to explore what they overlap or interact with each other. Please also join if one would like to meet new people with similar interests!"

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