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BLIS Law Series: Law Student Panel

Let's talk about our Spring 2021 BLIS Law Series event, hosted by Sam Poursafar (President).

Summary of our Event:

For our law panel event, we were honored to hear from three professionals within the law community: Nadia Zivkov, Joseph Walters, and Kioshi Bell. Our speaker panel featured three UCLA alums, who have gone on to study law at the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford Law Schools. We walked through, analyzed, and applied relevant legal concepts to the case. This was a great opportunity if you are interested in business law or law school in general! We were able to hear from all individuals about their background, experiences and more.

What Our Members Did:

Our members had the amazing opportunity to ask our panelists questions about their day-to-day roles along with getting their insight on how to break into the industry, apply for law school, and thrive under pressure. Throughout the conversation, our members and panelists held an open dialogue and students were able to gain the advice from our panelists.

Meeting Video Recording: Link

Presenter: @SamPoursafar

Event Pictures:


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